Praise for Depo International’s Community Involvement

attitude of gratitude

attitude of gratitude

While providing deposition services is what Depo International does best, we aren’t all work and no play. At Depo International we take pride in our community involvement in the Twin Cities area. Our staff members and leadership team sponsor and participate in a variety of events, including Bar Association socials, volunteering with eDiscovery, and attending LEEA and WBENC educational workshops.

Most recently, we at Depo International have been praised for our sponsorship of the Summer Tri-Bar Social, hosted by the Ramsey County Bar Association. After the event, the Ramsey County Bar Association sent Depo International a letter of thanks for our sponsorship of their event. In actuality, we are the truly thankful ones. While we have done events with this Bar Association in the past, each time we are asked to participate in another event we are excited and honored.

Thank you, Ramsey County Bar Association for allowing us to be a part of your legal community involvement!

DI Now Offers Continuing Legal Education Credit In Professional Responsibility

As an employee of Depo International, one of the first things I do upon arriving at the office in the morning is check my e-mail. There are always business e-mails to read and a few spam e-mails to delete. There are also always “Grateful E-mails” to read. These e-mails are the highlight of my morning. Sent by DI staff members and reporters, these emails include five things for which the sender is grateful for that day. This tradition, which originated with one staff member, grew to include the leadership team, and then grew even more to include all of the DI staff and reporters!

This grateful attitude is something upon which we at Depo International pride ourselves. Along with being grateful and appreciative of our employees, we strive to show our appreciation for our customers. We have an extensive customer appreciation program which aims to exceed our customers’ wants and needs, including delivering fresh-baked cookies to depositions.

Most recently, we have taken our gratitude one step further. We proudly sponsor the presentation of “Creating a Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation in the Workplace.” This presentation, which originated with a staff employee’s “Grateful E-mail,” has grown into a certified continuing legal education (CLE) presentation. Attendees will not only learn the importance of gratitude and appreciation in the workplace, but will also earn CLE credit in Professional Responsibility. We feel privileged to sponsor this wonderful presentation with such a strong emphasis on gratitude and appreciation in one’s life.

National Court Reporting Company, Depo International, Donates to The Susan G. Komen Foundation

As Depo International was planning its October marketing campaign, Patricia Carl, Founder and President of the company, politely interrupted all of her staff. She informed us that the coming month was October. Met with many blank stares, she elaborated. “October is a special month to me. As you may or may not be aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This cause is the most near and dear to my heart.”

Being a new employee, and still being intimidated by “The Boss,” I didn’t exactly know what to think, let alone how to respond to her statement. After a moment of curious silence, she continued. “My mother passed away from breast cancer more than thirty years ago. I made a promise to her that I would make a difference. I promised that I would support finding a cure for this deadly disease. I promised that I would turn her story of tragedy into a story of survival for women generations to come.”

While many people view Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a chance to raise awareness about this terrible disease, Patricia views this month as a chance to uphold her promise to her mother. There has been great progress made in the fight against breast cancer but there is still more to do. During the month of October, Depo International will be donating $5.00 for every deposition scheduled to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We at Depo International, and especially Patricia Carl, sincerely appreciate all of our loyal clients who, during the month of October, are helping us fight this terrible disease. Together we WILL find a cure!

Court Reporters Support NBCAM

Depo International’s founder and president, Patricia Carl, has made her stance on fighting breast cancer clear: she’s all in. From publishing a special “Message from the Founder” to donating $5.00 for every deposition scheduled in the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Patricia is an avid supporter of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In her message she shared her personal connection to the fight against breast cancer. She promised her mother, a victim of this terrible disease, that she “would turn this story of tragedy into a story of success for generations to come.”

Recently, she, and Vice President of Depo International, Angela Carl, were in New York City for business. While there, the two of them attended the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk in Central Park. One would assume that after both Patricia and Angela had participated in a ten day deposition, these ladies would have gone to brunch, gone shopping, or simply relaxed. Instead, they both woke up early on their day off, joining over tens of thousands of people donning tutus and pink wigs, to walk through Central Park to raise money to fight breast cancer. These women’s personal connection to this disease has driven, and continues to drive, their constant desire to help fight breast cancer, even on their day off!

Court Reporting Agency adds Google+

Depo International, a national court reporting agency, is happy to announce its new, updated Google+ page with a custom URL: On this page, friends, followers, and even clients can keep up with the extracurricular world of Depo International’s leaders, certified court reporters, and staff. Of course contact information as well as our certified court reporting services and legal video services will be present, but the main focus will be on community involvement and interpersonal relationships. Please take a few moments to visit us at: and connect with us in a personal way!

DI Sponsors CLE Presentation for LEEA

Depo International, a Minneapolis court reporting agency, Las Vegas court reporting agency, and a national court reporting agency, proudly sponsors a CLE presentation titled “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace.” This presentation grew out of one employee’s daily habit of sending grateful e-mails, detailing five things for which she was grateful for that day. No matter what her trials and tribulations were on any given morning, she saught out the silver lining of each situation. Those e-mails turned into an office phenomenon. Within a few weeks, all of Depo International’s staff members, certified court reporters and certified legal video specialists were sending grateful e-mails.
The employee who began the grateful e-mail trend has since become certified to present a CLE presentation which focuses on gratitude and appreciation in the work place. This presentation details the psychological and physiological benefits to having a grateful attitude, particularly in the workplace. Most recently, this presentation was given to the members of the Legal Employees Educational Association (LEEA). At Depo International, we are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this wonderful presentation for the LEEA members. What a difference a grateful attitude can make in the workplace!

St. Paul, Minnesota Court Reporting Ethics

In a court of law, the lives of men and women can be held at stake primarily by four people: the judge, the prosecutor, the defending attorney and the court reporter. In cases of much dispute, the assignment of the court reporter becomes more acute, as it is his or her job to attend the legal proceedings to record word-for-word transcriptions. The words that he or she transcribes can be used to eliminate any misunderstandings in the details of the proceedings. Because recorded testimony and proceedings are so important in legal proceedings, it is imperative that you hire only the most experienced of court reporters for your litigation needs. Depo International of Minnesota is a St. Paul Court Reporting agency that insists strongly on abiding by a code of ethics established by the National Court Reporters’ Association.
Such ethics demand that all court reporters act fairly and impartially towards all participants in the given proceedings. They demand that all information in the proceedings are guaranteed to remain secure and confidential, both oral and written. The ethical code ensures that all of the participants in a proceeding are aware of any conflicts of interest that may arise. This code requires that the certified court reporters hired to perform your deposition services disclose such information immediately.
Depo International offer worldwide deposition services, with locations in all 50 states and the U.S. territories. They have locations on the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia. They are also in Canada, the Pacific, Oceania, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition to court reporting, their other services include videography, which captures the true meaning of an event in the most complete way, local, national and international scheduling, summaries, trial support, legal couriers, interpreters and much more.
In business since 2008, the leadership of Depo International has over 38 years of court reporting experience, including the CEO’s status of Real-time Court Reporting Administrator. These certifications make Depo International a leader in court reporting in St. Paul, Minnesota and worldwide. When you need a real-time court reporter, contact the agency that takes St. Paul Court Reporting to the next level, Depo International.

Legal Professionals Depend on Real-Time Court Reporting

Legal proceedings are complicated and require attention to detail. Court reporters are present at various types of hearings, courtroom proceedings and depositions to accurately memorialize everything being said. A court reporter is an impartial party who is responsible for providing accurate records of meetings, arbitrations and more. Legal professionals depend on Depo International’s Real-time Court Reporting to record the facts in many types of cases. A formal transcript is required to prove statements made by parties, witnesses and other key people. Depo International has hundreds of years of combined experience in the court reporting service industry. The certified court reporters and legal videographers are experienced in every area of the law, making them versatile and valuable. All of the reporters are certified through the National Court Reporters Association.
Real-time Court Reporting professionals from Depo International will also transcribe different media including CD-ROMs, videotapes and audiotapes. All transcripts are well-organized with a word index and tabbed exhibits for easy reference. Legal professionals can quickly find what they need within the transcript to save time and energy. Condensed transcripts can be requested from a Depo International certified court reporter. A convenient online repository is available for quick access. Transcripts are accessible and accurate to support your case without any hassles. Take advantage of Depo International’s additional services you might need including video conferencing and conference rooms as well as videography and more.
Many legal professionals face multiple adjournments and last minute scheduling of important hearings, meetings and proceedings. Real-time Court Reporting Services by Depo International is available for last-minute depositions. When you need a transcript right away, simply request expedited delivery. Court reporting professionals strive to meet your requirements to ensure you have everything you need to move forward on cases in a timely fashion. With national and international scheduling, you can hire a Depo International court reporter wherever you need one. Legal work is demanding and time-consuming. You must be able to trust court reporting services to arrive on time and deliver exactly what they promise. Hire a reputable court reporting service such as Depo International Minneapolis or Depo International Las Vegas with the experience and background to get the job done right. Your work depends on confidentiality, preciseness and the highest level of service. Call 800-591-9722 today to learn more!

Mock Courtroom

best practices for the courtroom

best practices for the courtroom

New Mock Courtroom Coming SOON!

Check out the progress being made on our new mock courtroom at our Las Vegas office! Everything is going smoothly, with production to be completed by the end of April. Our brand new furniture should arrive by the end of May, with the courtroom set to ‘open’ in July! The mock courtroom will be used for CLE classes, large depositions, litigation related mock trials and more! Attorneys preparing for a real trial might use a mock trial consisting of volunteers as role players to test theories or experiment with each other. College students also participate in rehearsed mock trials to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner. Check back here for more photos of progress in the coming weeks! Or, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all things Depo International!



Clark County Bar Association

Las Vegas Executive Director Robert DeNinnis was happy to be in attendance at the August New Lawyers Committee Meeting at the Clark County Bar Association. Robert has been a member of the committee since 2012. DI loves to help out the legal community. DI is sponsoring the committee’s Ethics Seminar for Newly Admitted Attorneys planned for November. Robert donated some water for the August Annual Law School Welcome Back BBQ. He will also be a volunteer for the 16th Annual Client Counseling Competition. This will be Robert’s third straight year at the competition.